I created this wordpress long time ago but hadn’t got chance to write an entry. Today, after passing the biggest “exam” of my life (long time ago too), I decide to build up my own blog – a dual language blog if I get some moods (sounds weird XD). I’m still figure out how to use wordpress and English so please don’t laugh.

About me. I love housework, except washing dishes and clothes. Yep! And I’m now living and studying (and finding a job) in HCM city. The first entry, I’d like to talk about my hobbies.

  • first: movies and films. Jesus! I cannot live without movies. That’s why I’m wearing glasses now (but I don’t feel pity for that)
  • second: baking. And sometimes I like cooking too. But baking is still the best. The basic ingredients are just egg, flour and sugar – very cheap to buy 😀
  • next: knitting. I also like crochet and I’m learning how to crochet too. Kinda hard cause sometimes I don’t know where is the beginning of a loop.
  • fourth: photography. Love taking pictures but right now the only thing I have is my mobile with a 2.0 megapixel camera. (Mom, I think I know the nex target of my life is =)))
  • last: actually there is no “last”. So many interesting thing I want to explore and I’m still so young XD.

So if you like them too then welcome. Feel free to comt (just don’t say something rude. I’m gonna mad if you do). That’s all. Maybe I will post something nice tomorrow XD.